Waiting for ma mere
Seeming ever to take longer than forecast
Ever into the turning tides I dream
Writing and working, working and writing, these compose my day
The house yet to be picked up weeks after the binge
Only adding onto the pile
Today, though, I judged for poeticrepublic.com
So a difference
The more sets you judge the morr influence you have
I hope to do many more before deadline
Dreaming into the sea
A winner I could never be
All is futile
Yet I spent the money anyway
Flickering candles light my way into darkness
Strolling the oceans for a moment of repose
Earlier the yard men were here, mowing and whacking
One nodded to me as I returned with notebook from my car
As if to acknowledge that yes, he works too
Coffee in the earlier morning in silence
Waking up seven times and having nightmares through the night due to last night’s sobriety
Yet we progress on to different things
This dead end minimum wage job will not last forever

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