Some challenges to overcome

A load of web technologies I’m not motivated enough to learn

The cleaning of this disastrous house

Making an internet dating profile

Haven’t meditated in a month or more

Haven’t exercised in a month or more

Drinking beer before work (although my performance is actually better, I’m sure the managers can smell it)

Catching up with all my untriaged and untyped verses

Getting together a coherent book for the Omnidawn contest

Getting my postcards printed

Getting my business cards printed

Getting some sidewalk chalk

Getting a real job or at least one that isn’t minimum wage

Figuring out where to send those postcards

Building out my personal website more

Using my twitter account

Linking all of my expressive accounts for marketing

Carmichael’s books consignment program

Getting my book or books printed on demand with title on spine

Reading the 4 self publishing books I weaseled Mom into getting me

Waiting for my first paycheck at Domino’s

Promoting those books with my various accounts, contacts, bulletin boards, and other means

Starting a meetup poetry group ($72 for six months if you want to start a group as opposed to just join (free))

Getting a handle on the routines so that this all is doable

Getting a handle on either sleeping well without beer or having money for beer left at 10 every night

Washing a lot of laundry

Clearing away the trashbags

Washing the sheets blankets and pillows

Making clear to my cousin he may not stay more than two months before he moves in

Reliable eating with food I can stand

Not getting 86ed from any more places

Countering the slanders that follow me

Not snorting too many of my antidepressants so I don’t run out before months end

Quitting smoking

Avoiding damage to my heart

Getting a real relationship, or some satisfying part time ones

More real friends

And now I go to see my neighbor who will criticize me for drinking before work

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