Vanessa German: I will just call you artist

Vox Populi

i told darrien. i do not wish to call him.nigga.even tho he said that it is ok. i said. i prefer. richer descriptive language when it comes to one as.wise and miraculous as you are. i will just call you. artist. n then he say. you iz. so dramatic. you iz. always makin too big a deal. outta. regular things. singing praises when a simple high-five wd do. n i said. yes. that’s true. and. god invented oceans and the color fuschia. so do not accuse me of being anything less than holy. when i call you over from my front porch. yelling. hey. artist. hey artist. artist across the intersection. we both know who you are. and i certainly know. a healthy enuf percentage of who i am. so. let’s not kid eachother ok. we are both amazing. and i don’t plan to start pretending or perpetrating anything to…

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