Dreaming up Demonoid to collect your pieces

A million hours of heat

Walking into the Arctic desert

Talking into all the silences

Slipping into the sex of the mindset

Subconscious processes

Different inflections and stresses


The driftwood of our lives

Washed up on some foreign shore

The panties

Sticking you with the label of their unquiet

You simply will not do.

Recoiling from the aftershocks


You decompile the code

Always feeling too much

Turn down the volume

Our differences

Are many and without count

On the wire and on the wave

Weasels in the wires

Be uncareful and unkind

Collecting up dreams to your sorrow

Spiritual anarchy becomes a reality

In the edges of the alleyways

Breaking through the barriers to life

Uncertain, unstable, and untrue

Snakes and lies abound here

Under the water and under the wave

Antiassertions and antisense fields

We wanted what we wanted

We could not make these on our own

We walk into darkness, we walk on sand

Drifting into the curse energy

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