Compilation/Distillation III

Sticking together, but not as a crew

Bitter from tea leaves, grown from the dust

Sifting through the oxygen and the weather

We do the things that ought to be done

Return and return and return

Dissociative fire lights the waves

The perfection of the paperclip

Seeing the vitality at play

Admiring the shapes of her forms

Flittering sparrows cover the exits

Solid and real were the imaginary players

What is sundered is broken, never to repair

Roughed up for desiring connection

Some common dreams occur and recur

Unstable boundaries, changing all the time

The darkness in my heart, ever unquiet

Clipping the area where fun can occur

Not of that but of which, not of which but of who

How do you say: “But I never got a chance”?

Some people just cannot be dealt with honestly

Paranoia was ready with fire bombs

No safe harbor for my desires

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