Time Enough

Move out of the path

Come to see your greatness

Look up it with awe

Return, return

Be not easy to pass over

Do not think to avoid your mission

Be ready with stars

Be ready with flags

Time enough to complete your wanderings first

Come see what we have prepared for you

We, your angels, in faery guise

It is time to begin soon

Remain stable

That is all it takes

Find the strength, take the leap

We guide the dreams

Get ready to run

With all your strength

Begin to build

Be ever ready to turn

Do not blanche from your challenge

It is up to you to see it through

The moment is come

Throw off your chains

Your chance has arrived

You are ready for it

Put in the work

And be true

We know who we can count on

See what wonders we bring

Brighten your spirits

Come with us

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