The Dog Appears (And I get to feel like a hero)

The dog appears

As I am passed out drunk

Late last night

The cat instantly confronts him

The Guard Cat (LOL)

I attempt to throw this strange window crashing dog out but cannot

I go back to bed

When I wake up, I think the window jumping dog is gone

But it is not

It is at the foot of the couch

A very sweet dog

But my cat hates other animals

I throw it out

Dragging it by the collar

It will not leave the porch

It hides behind the armchair

Which belonged to my neighbor’s deceased partner

And I picked up off the curb

I go to get cigarettes and later, espresso

The dog remains

I return to the coffee house

Inquire if there is a dog person


I tell him I have checked the internet ID and it is not found, that the dog is terrified to go outside, and I think it has been abused, so I will not make fliers

He says I’ll come check it out after my other shift

My dog needs a playmate

Unless it’s a real old dog

I say I don’t think so, uncertainly

I am not a dog person

But after I get home and close the porch door to keep it in for its adopter

I hear the tags of dog who would not move from behind the armchair, or eat


The owner, a beautiful young woman has come by, on foot

She says he is not abused

merely terrified of storms

I believe

She is so happy to find her dog

I begin to feel like a hero in a minute

But the dog found me, I did not find him

She is very thankful

I got a leash from my mom

Because I figured it would need a walk before Jake got off work

Not that it would have come out

Even though it was sunny now

It would not eat, even

I ask her if she needs a leash

And she says no, I’ll just carry him

Thank you so much

I would never name a dog Sebastian

But I am not a dog person

I like dogs now

But I don’t need an animal that needs to be walked

That needs care

Three times a day at least


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