Expression of Keys

A tempest
A man in the fog
The wolves are howling
It is time to rise
Some dancing is there and you, you are ready
All day you put it together, wandering
The beekeepers tend to their flocks
You cannot be in it just for you
Forgetting the phone we forget our task lists
In all the sleep together you are
You punt and delude and are thence and then permitted
Altogether you go, and all at once, charge in
Weeping and sleeping the feathered traps
The head rages with tension
Expression is limited by the expression of keys
A chain is seen and we are bound together
The life of the mind is one of great wonder
We find all in readiness for our sincerest of pleas
Trimmed up and collected we are the picture of manhood
We see the glow that surrounds our sweetheart
We take it on faith and bring it to God
Our prayers are then taken and answered for true
All at once we see it and all at once are gripped
And in the Dead Sea we float on our dreams
The clouds of unreason disappear and stay put
The edges of life are not enough to hold me
I come for my truth, no compromise to be
You see it and know it for what it is
And then it is just as you wish it to be
Although the questions remain of who or which

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