Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly

Trimming the leaves of the crown

Sticking up for a stranger

Being true to yourself

The passwords all being lost

Needling the present for demons

Wandering through the mist and fog

Seeking answers on the page

Coming to no safe conclusions

Dribbling from insanity

Lifting the calculus up

Being together for life

Age creeping up on you

Singled out for nothing

Strangled by bigots

Selling out to get laid

Drumming up support

Seeing through all the lies

Feeling the pain of broken heart

Coming to conclusions

Drifting with the cats

Singled out for nothing

Social ostracism

Bigots against the sick

Broken into pieces

Seeking greater connection

Needing no more of your trouble

Wanting to blow the place up

Tripping over the wires

Scanning for opportunities

Opportunities I will not take

Becoming one with my anger

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