Demonoid in Faeryland

Demonoid Picotent walked through Faeryland
He sought aid for a particular artist or writer
To make his work strike with all potency
Encountering the Dreamweavers, he spoke with them
They were alarmed by his demon-like appearance
But he assured them that he was in fact a demonoid 
	of Earth, and no actual demon
They had been alarmed
In Faeryland it was generally agreed that
	demons were imaginary
But one could never be sure
Many things came to pass in the multiverse
And many things were hidden
Demonoid spake thus:
	Oh great faeries of the dreams and imaginations,
	My friend down on the Earth is rife with
	Disabilities, but he is ever turning out his
	Work, although nothing visual these days
	He is in need of a greater potency and
	Drive, and some relief from his problems
	His resources are quite depleted. What,
	Oh most wondrous Faery creatures may
	Be done for him?
Seeing that his purpose was good, they relaxed
	a bit more
Drawing down the silver light of the moon,
	They wove him an ethereal coat to encourage 
	him to dream bigger
And to shield him from his debilitating problem
Although they warned that the moonlight might not 
	be enough
They further recommended he consult one of
	the great, universe spanning singers of
	the realm, for this man was clearly in 
	need of more powerful healing and change
What is it you wish him to make, o Demonoid? the
	Dreamweavers asked
Demonoid replied, I wish him to make whatever
	inspires him most,although I do hope he
	will be moved to relate the tales of my
	exploits to the people
Move along with you then, o Demonoid, for
	your protege is ever in peril
	and shame with his problems
Go and meet with the singers at the Oracle
	of the Holy Sun, they told him
Puffing out his chest, Demonoid said he would
	do just that
Later on, arriving there, he was struck by
	the feeling of power
He had never consulted with these particular
	faeries before
Stepping up to the pool, he tossed in a smooth
	stone and a phial of spice, as he had
	been instructed
He then related his purpose
He inquired if his protege to be could be
	returned to a stable pattern of
The eleventh aspect came to shine in the
	waters and Demonoid was given the sense
	that they had great respect for his activities
	of agitation
He was also related that while a stable pattern
	could be regained, it would be quite hard
	to maintain it
Oh Singer, related Picotent, he has not the
	resources to stop, what help might
	you give me?
The Singer showed incredible energy, and related
	that he might be repaired for a while
	if he began his work in the morning,
	and kept at it rightly
But why do you choose this derelict for your
	gifts, oh Demonoid? they impressed on him
Because he has the wildest mind to be found,
	related Demonoid
Very well. We will give him such power
	as we can, if only he can tune into it
So be it, said Demonoid
At this point We of All the Small Ones appeared
	and related that they would also grant
	such support as they could, if he could
	only get into print
Demonoid was satisfied, and making his goodbyes
	he went off, with the ethereal coat,
	and the gems of the singers
We of All the Small Ones followed
And it was ever thus and so, as the work began
But see the relevant disclaimers and user manuals
	of the Faery gifts

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