Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations
Stealing away all that can be
Sending the young off to war
Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time
Seeing what cannot be done
In it, you are free and fair
In it, you are without hope
Outside it, all is different
Without it, things would surely change
Some differences are to be found here,
Here, shielded from the constructs of the ‘civilized’ world
With no justice, you reach for justice
With no justice, you work beyond the models of idiocy
With no danger, you play as you please
With no coercion, you find what is right to do
Being ever into the night,
Being, ever cultivating the plants and animals
Ceasing your labors, falling into nothingness if you please
Demanding all to be returned, you dismantle authorities
We of All the Small Ones dismantle authorities
All is changed
Never is it upright
Still bringing to punishment the cruel
Ever destroying the structure of hierarchy
Tearing apart the constructs of the nation state
Dissolving the constructs of the schools and businesses and churches
Building from the ground up, with no boundaries or limits
The dream is to be had
Yet the road is yet long

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