Luna, We Call Her

Who can say what direction the moon favors?

One side is light, one is dark

And always it is ever turning around the Earth

The moon carries our dark secrets

As it carries the Apollonian rays of mental light

The archer who shoots the moon scores tremendously

Our buttons are pushed, and we react from it

In the evening when we relax,

It brings sweetest sleep

The serpent powers of the stars come down to slither upon it

Needing no one’s permission,

It turns, bending our emotions, this way and that

We come together under it to dance

Bringing down the mice of the moon’s cheese

Luna we call her, technically

Ever turning into the evening

Ever turning into the day

It lights our ways at night

And bringing all together,

We bring it down

A fantastic collision

The space faring creatures

Know not what to do with us

The moon-mice are now everywhere

Eating us out of house and home

As the Earth is reshaped

Together, you and I

We face this bravely

Not giving into fear

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