The Animals

In the trials of frogs
The juries are not of crickets
Too much has been seen to not know
All the predations
Never flying into the sky
Yet having wings in the water
They devour
And the hunting of mice by coyotes
Is ever the same
Step on the head,
Then take it into the mouth
The instinct to freeze relatively unhelpful
The video of the mother rabbit
Beating up the snake who came to eat her babies
Is very amusing to us
I let the cat out nearly nightly now
She is very timid outdoors
If she hunts (and she does have her claws)
She has never brought anything back
We have rabbits about in the night
And at times, in the day
Some squirrels
But few chipmunks
The cat has no tags
And her shots are a couple weeks out of date
But she always comes back
And has yet to get sick
The crows and hawks are about
Plying their predatory trade
At the farm we have the honking bullfrogs
And the screaming toads
As well as tree frogs
Four cats,
And chickens confined to a yard

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