Three Ways of Becoming You

Dying, rippling through the screws
Awakening, uncertain where to go or what to do
Living, he walks, walking, he comes to sense
Seeing over the powerlines, he becomes strong
He tried his case and was rebuffed
He slit his wrists and failed
Completing the challenge and becoming
The hard drop off from the loss of antidepressants
The ideations!
The leap into the void
Bringing closure to the kiddies
Soldiers coming home with nothing to show for it
Bombs drop on thousands of targets, yet still ineffective
To sleep to dream, this is all I want to do
Slipping down the hallway, you think quickly of excuses
The joyfulness of it all is great
The depression of it all is great
The poignancy of it all is great
Greater, the dragons, with their fire to cut flesh
Seeing into it is believing
Seeing out of it is consensus reality
A few months use for your trouble, no more
The expense of it drives me to distraction
Grabbing hold of a passing thought, you become irate
Grabbing hold of a transient thought…
Challenging the wicker men to duels of flesh
Arousing the body for action
Getting together two ways to the key
Two paths to change
Three ways of becoming you

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