Get a 2nd Career

Oh woe is me

$450 a month for prescriptions

I got the medicaid letter in

3 days before deadline

But it was unclear

Whether to send it to

The address on the letter

Or the address on the envelope

There was no enclosed envelope

And I can’t reenroll

Until next year


Get a 2nd career

As a botanist

Prepare to run down

No more cigarettes

No more beer

No hangover this time

But soon

Running out of risperidone

So I sleep less

Big whoop

I’ll get up early

And stay up late

Studies with rats show

That when alcoholic rats

Trained to prefer alcohol over water

Are denied alcohol

And later allowed it again

They drink more than they ever had before,

By far

Calling into question

The whole concept of abstinence

For the early stage alcoholic

Titrated alcohol

May be the best medicine


In Swedish or Finnish practice

I forget which

90% of patients

Receiving naltrexone

Reduxed to 10 drinks a week

Or less


[note: 2 of 4 (the cheaper two) prescriptions went on Mom’s credit card]

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