Sharon Doubiago: Mass Execution of Aboriginal Children of the Mohawk Residential School, Brantford, Ontario, 1943

Vox Populi


when you were five
when you were kidnapped from your family and imprisoned in


when I was two
when the Nazis

when Babi Yar
when I was five months

when the infamous Mush Hole mass execution of children of Brantford Mohawk Indian Residential School
run by the Church and Crown of England

when they lined up the children next to a big ditch and shot them
so they fell into the ditch

when some of the kids were still alive
when they shoveled the dirt on top of them. Buried them alive on land occupied by the Canadian Army
at its Basic Training Camp Number 20

when on this earth when in time
we are breathing
the same air they are breathing, the killers when their victims
when Time

as me, you
as them, inside us we breathe

all things
connected as above so below

when we were…

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