DRAFT: Natural Numbers

O at the Edges


Natural Numbers

One is the instant,
part and parcel of the original.

Look, your open hand
contains all; close it,

and find infinity. God created
the natural numbers, patterns

within patterns within patterns,
shaping order. Look closely

and see wheels spinning
in sequence, drafting through

each other’s space and wind,
star matter, numbers

inside numbers, within others.
Two is the breathing, the in

and out, the pulsing, our tides
responding, a kiss, the moon’s demise

and rebirth. What rings truer
than not knowing? The cycle of

sunrise, noon and sunset gives us
Three, ever continuing, for who

defines beginnings? But what
of tomorrow? I have heard your

reply though no words were voiced,
following, as always, no matter the

result, the end. We are the
seasons. The continuum. The natural.

This is in response to a challenge issued by my friend Ron Evans, who asked me to produce a poem…

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