The Organs of the State Wind Up

The organs of the state

Are being wound up

Like artwork

Clockwork, let us say

The Chinese Great Firewall

Has eyes everywhere

Some venture in

Citizen intelligence

All those Chinese students

Being debriefed when they get home

The symbol of the twilight

Is the ox

With its sleepy eyes

The Americans may not censor

But they also watch

The remixing of music with samples

Shall be prohibited

Some think this is not right

Re-mix Revolution!

And only Rand Paul and Perhaps Bernie Sanders

Oppose the rampant data collection

The organs of the state wind up

Like mousetraps

And the corporate state

Sucks up trillions of data points

Flickr makes it tough to use

Without signing up and signing in

Or perhaps it’s just a dysfunctional site

Too much data for my connection

Some value the Earth over property

Others value property over peace

Do not join up

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