This is My Rainbow!

As the rain of cats began to ease,
The color orange was in the sky
Chasing down the end of the rainbow
Not commenting on the gay community
This is my rainbow!
The one that ends in prosperity and LSD
How many happy days might I have then?
Never to wind up in prison
But to live with Great freedom,
Great wisdom, Great courage
Lives are to be had
Girls and Ladies are to be met
Choose your own adventure!
To begin a Kickstarter
For publishing and a publicity tour
Or should I use another platform?
So many choices
So much to do
What reverence for the divine word
The alligator footmen blow trumpets!
As the chorale sings joyfully on the radio
And the strings
Demonoid will have his day!
The driftwood of our lives
Washed up on some foreign shore!
How happy I feel at this prospect
So much to be done
The dreams of the space greenhouse
The tales of We the Small

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