Paul Street: “Progressive” Obama — He’s Melting, He’s Melting

The trans pacific partnership and fast track authority would allow international corporate tribunals to exact payment from governments for anything that restricts profits such as e.g. safety and environmental laws. The author argues that this would be merely the final blow to democracy and the coup is already nearly complete. He also appears to believe the people will be hoodwinked again in the next election.

Vox Populi


Beneath progressive pretentions, Barack Obama the national political phenomenon has never been anything other than a tool of the United States’ corporate and financial ruling class. Obama rose to power in Washington with remarkable record-setting financial backing from Wall Street and K Street election investors. Those elites are not in the business of promoting or tolerating politicians who seek to challenge the nation’s dominant domestic and imperial hierarchies and doctrines. “It’s not always clear what Obama’s financial backers want,” the progressive journalist Ken Silverstein noted in a Harpers’ Magazine report titled “Obama, Inc.” in the fall of 2006, “but it seems safe to conclude that his campaign contributors are not interested merely in clean government and political reform…On condition of anonymity,” Silverstein added, “one Washington lobbyist I spoke with was willing to point out the obvious: that big donors would not be helping out Obama if they didn’t see…

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