Sifting Through the Ideas

Sifting through the ideas
What is the proper order?
But how many times must we tell you
The web design project comes first
Alliteration of the lines notwithstanding, your torments will be eased
And writing comes before either project
As we do now
Although not normally on the phone
Sifting through the ideas
They float up, and will not be denied
Perhaps a spell of meditation
To restore concentration
It gets better after posting
I will count on this
As the sun beats down
Money falls from the sky
Plenty of drugs for now
A light on the ocean
The light is Evangeline
Perhaps I could turn that into a novel
Get my mind off of
The repetitiveness of my verse
(You mostly don’t see those ones)
Not collecting dust, but collecting power
A trip to Venus is in order
My horoscope
Says I am far less troubled by sex than most
For whom it is a dilemma
And this makes them uneasy
I wonder if that’s the problem?
Moving along
Your knights will never come
Men are as human as women
So leave me out of your fantasy of perfection
The tools of the trade
The hand and the pen
Readings and signings at bookstores
I don’t have time to sit around waiting for rejections
The animals are getting out of control
Trapped trapped trapped til the cage is full
The beast walks the earth
Leviathan lurks in the seas
Kodiak bears, 2nd in size only to polar bears
But it turns out all brown bears and polar bears are the same species/clade
The serpent coils round the vase
The statue is in full panic mode
All of us are waiting for you
All your inner lives need you to do the work
My neighbor says a tiger used to visit him on his porch
He was unafraid
A creature from faeryland or what dimension, who can say?
I have seen several such myself, though none be tigers
The books can be sold
If I truly want beer tonight
I think I have a stash of comics in the basement
But will Half Price take them?
We accumulate and grow
We dash and slither
I need it less, now I am well supplied with pills
But how I still want it
I will be able to avoid squandering my kickstarter funds, I believe
Mark it as untouchable
Except when working full days on the project
And then we wait
For our talk/signing dates

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