Compilers, Crystalline Entities, Cosmic Glue

The items go in pairs
One together, one not
In the edges of everything
Stealing from Flatland
Rocks to the pieces of organization
Symbolization of the chattering
Aligning everything to the rallying cry
Stimulant items in crystalline form
Editing the wall posters to say what is meant
Trembling with anticipation
You grow taller as space-times close
Rippling through the ether with greater vigor
Trembling, knowing the victory
Items are lost and items discovered
All in time with Titan’s tidals
Symbolizing the growth of crystalline entities
Slamming and whamming opponents with glee
Whacking the weather and downing the shots
The animals all come out to play
Drifting inside and drifting together
Combining and signing the deal you grew
Submitting and hitting the ball for a triple
You go out forever; you go for a wormhole
The monsters compile and then become true
Running and running you fire the engines
Reaching the end you collect cosmic glue
Employed and becoming sign contracts and screw
Destroy all the demons and all wildflowers
Build up your relations and come into view
See all your prowess and all ancient remnants
Stick it together and don’t forget blue

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