Flash Data

Strychnine follows with blackened cells
Severing into the foreground into the floating spirit
Ringing truth until your eardrums thrum
Collapsing itchy trigger finger on the way to a wedding
At least that hasn’t happened yet
Over family grudges you spill your milk
And always the killer bees are coming for you
Jamming the stick down into first
Punching the clutch and leaping ahead
Punching the time clock and racking up cash
Seeming ever a few heartbeats away from change
But always too much the renegade to be goody two-shoes
Sending the mail over the mountains
Sending the books through the wood
Capitalizing on intentions and bringing into form
Slinging lines ever in the void
Snorting lines ever into sinus
Building to a peak of prosperity
Crashing down to utter destitution
Sending away your demons without a word
Firing all your angels for incompetence
Being ever the self-made even if unsuccessful
Falling through the ocean floor full of poison and strife
Cooking up excuses like it’s the last day
Firing your rockets and watching them fall
One by one like all the pawns
The great game of politics to be defeated and destroyed
The people to abolish and alter as is their will
Only you collect the data
Only you collect the tunes
Only you become ever-present
Only you match the thrills
Sequencing the genome as though it were needed
Seeding the stars with all your competition
Going supernova and ending our epic
Taking a selfie at the last of the moons
Moving on to another dimension
Rolled up forever into the sun
Coming down the pipeline into the outer darkness
Exploding again into different dimensions
Unshoeing the horse and hitting the target
Glowing with silence like lunar weather
Flashing the peace sign to god and the loons
Trembling with worldly anticipation
Bringing up babies in the space of the towers
Singling out suddenly the chance at your fortune
Following sharply and dropping the inclusion
Opening mouths to say all is in tune

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