Myriad of Cut Flowers

Organisms crawling in and out of the sea
A letter of poison to be carried by a bird
Collections of feathers and organs in jars
Crawling ants and flies and bees
The end of the network in too many places
All of it going in to the hurricane’s eye
But too many people all continuously reproducing
Interesting to see what one looks like
The American heroin riders tour the planet benefitting from forced labor
Apparently nowhere else in the galaxy to get it
Everyone minding their own business
Singularly absent of demagogues
Threading through the eye of the camel
Sticking the hypodermic in for effect
A million hits of acid in the water pipes
You place your concerns in a small box and bury it
No tolerance for that, but tolerance for alcohol.
A line to the ancient astronauts is established
The way you reach for a star is compromised
Draining the water away
He’s stable right now but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still imagine things
You open the floodgate on the perception of Earthiness
In the interstices of the compendium an alternate tale is told
To go and to go and to go, they set sail in the byways of time
In the chaos of the streets, flags are raised
Windows and shops, piles of tire, rats and butterflies
You begin with your primeval instructions, and get on the bus
The drains collect a myriad of cut flowers
The vast and immutable series of changes wrought by profits over people
The vampires in the cathedral basement fed on one, then on many
Altogether the bird spirits took off to the moon
Some went dancing in the haunts of the still pool
When you become a stone for a time, the Great God Pan pipes away
Lifting away your mask of unreason, the Faery Queen declares you good
Collecting drops of grace, the frogs and flowers of the forest then decant
The demons crack their whips over hurtful social lies
One way to change course was always the shadows with broken light switches
To find and to sow, to reap and to hide, the turning of the screw was uncanny
To lift and to shoot, to cover and to close, we went down the alley without trepidation
All the owls gathered in one city, awaiting the great cosmic events foretold
Finding no solutions, only questions, you interest your variables
The constant of the rushing of the sea the only thing unchanging

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