Viroids and crenarcheota
Links to earlier life and the age of the RNA world
Lightning in a bottle or deep sea hydrothermal vents?
Standing by to take all of this in
And the cosmic microwave background
Ending the times of the anaerobic
The conquest of land by humble moss
Archaea use ether lipids for membranes
And metabolic pathways not found in others
Days when echinoderms were the most advanced forms of life
Imaginable numbers of years ago
Wikipedia expands the mind at an accelerated pace
The totalled up biomass of the planet
The carbon cycle
All hydrogen gas and helium lost to space
High pressure forms of life and silicon and methane
The animals arising much later
And the iron-sulfur mineral bound origin theory
What came even before RNA?
Don’t forget about the late heavy bombardment
We are still at risk for a massive asteroid impact
And climate change imperiled us all
All the research would have required massive stacks of books

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