Ventilator / ALS

My sister just inside
On her ventilator
In the bed that is her home
Surrounded by eye-operated computer
TV with cable and Netflix
And 24 hour care
Mom, sister’s husband, and a rotating cast of nurses
The birds have covered the porch steps
With dropped seeds or shells
No one cleans them up
Iron chairs on the porch
And an iron railing
All with some decorative work
The birds are like gravity defying quicksilver
The squirrels are like lemurs in their proficiency
Climbing and leaping, hopping along the ground
Like a high bouncing rubber ball in a tree
At what was Grandma’s house,
When she lived
Now adapted for handicap access
For my sister
Who no longer needs it
Except to get in and out for doctors’ appointments
The flowers on the table are lovely
NPR on the radio
I sit writing in the other room
Mom tells me to stay put
Until my sister is finished urinating
Then to turn the faucet on to a loud trickle
To help the process
I am here recovering from my last binge
And although I am fully recovered now
My house remains unlivable
We plan to work on cleaning it, one day soon
Until then I will be here
At least other than for sleep
My sister and her husband are territorial
My staying here does not go over
But oh! We’re going to the farm for the weekend
There to do some chores and make some money

[note: Ashley was unable to make it to the fireworks yesterday,
but they did take her out for a ‘walk’ in her chair with her
ventilator, she does occasionally go out, I think they went to
the zoo recently, but the battery life is very limiting]

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