Some Stable People, Some Unwelcome Fantasies

Dripping on the sidelines
He wept silently
All the people went on about their business
Unwatchful of their brothers
The distraction of the incredible TV
All mentioning things about the weather
Singularly absent of demagogues
The individualistic nature of the focus
Hot burgers! Hot burgers!
Servers on duty tonight
Slipping into the sex of the mindset
Dreaming forever of the changes to be made
Looking hot for all to see
So much undone to be crossed
To cross again is not to cross
A crossed disposition of the stars and portents and spirits
To cross again is not to cross
Slipping through behind the mirror
Tips come raining from the sky
Until the ways are mockery of the self-righteous theists
Coming undone
Taking yourself to pieces
Filtering out the failures
Creating distortion
Creating misperception
Creating delusion
Some stable people
Some unwelcome fantasies
How he is at home
How grumpy can you be?
Stilling the waters
Stilling the trembling heart

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