Socializing Prohibited

Hello all, assholes
Trying to make a connection
And being slapped down, with force
Disconnected versions
Collusions of evil
Some divination to see
Not on your best day
Wonder if they’re gossiping about me today
Dirty dirt under your nails
Employment to be found
Gathering up to your sorrow
Leave this place in future days
Not a very nice thing to do
“But what else could we do?”
Be real
Be honest
Be tolerant
Sticking you with the label of their unquiet
Uncommon people, uncommon verbs
Drizzling vitriol over your head
Socializing prohibited
Collecting the series of non-errors
The errors being on their part
But I didn’t feel like driving to the other shop
The one who spread the rumor
I am destined for bigger things
Bleeding your feelings out

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