A Slop to the Hogs (Non-Linear Poem)

Exhausted and sleepy
Sleeping on the nuclear switch
Overeducated patrician sons
Confusing the way the labels are blacked out
Obliteration of the keys
A slop to the hogs
On the farm of terrors
Pigeon pie and crow
A jitter and a flitter going by in spades
A slide into sweltering terror
The madonna exits consensus
Fitting together the pieces one by one
Sunny on the table of your discontent
A wonder of tabula rasa
Summoning the demons for the next step
Stepping out of line once per day
A blank slate, a beautiful dream
Silting up of the works
A slide into a jungle of chaos
A lock on the cashflow, chutes and ladders
The system of checks and balances fails
In the works momentous events
Terrible things happening
A moment to consider your options
Relabeling of the keys
Settling into a cadence, a rhythm
A long time to wait
Steps on the way to matrimony
Seven trumps to follow the bass
Until the pawn alters course
A walk and a wait
A step on the way to war

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