More than a teaspoon of home constructed chili powder
Half following a half recipe
15 bean soup
Juice of one lemon
Using the quick cook method
One whole cup onion
Boil then add things, then simmer, do not boil
Delicious smells if I could smell them
Between being inside with it, and cigarettes, I cannot
Seven ounces sausage
Onion and sausage mistakenly added at the beginning
As in the full recipe
Extra cayenne, plus some red wine vinegar

I drink ice water and coffee and write, wishing only to eat
But 35 more minutes to wait
Cigarettes are not food, though they do reduce the hunger
Salt and pepper to taste

What to do with the leftover half of a seasoning packet?
How to store it, I wonder?
A paperclip may be ideal
I may not have any
Except the one I keep in my wallet
Which I found sitting in the driveway high
Right after reading half of a story entitled
The perfection of the paperclip
On its design
Though it was TL;DR
I finally finished it yesterday

The soup was good
The vinegar may have been a bit much
But it was good
Tasted more tomatoey than it had a right to
The beans will soak it up with time

At the end,
Made a cucumber tomato and onion salad
Well seasoned
A good accompaniment

Does not make you feel stuffed
This meal
No extra salt needed
At least if you put the meat in

Still cannot find
The missing bottle of cough syrup
From last week

Bean Recipes – Looks Yummy
Although I just used the recipe on the bag.

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