Switching on the fires
Activating the series of tubes
Dreaming of the day that Demonoid will have
Collecting the thoughts
Opening the sun
Watering the life and setting up schemes
Schemata and schemas
The series of diagrams of the environmental cycles and dreaming of the soil and the unattainable sustainable home
Clicking your heels three times and reciting your mantra
All cheating to see the others’ lines
Walking down a line in the sand, never stepping to either side
A lift to your spirits, a shot in the arm, a way to be that no one can go to except you
The way of the angels is chasing down drugs and in your excitement you blow through the walls
Series and sequence, a plant and a tune, a way you will grow and never release
A time for your troubles the way to your heart sleeping with seagulls and for it some art
Collect all your pieces and bring them to silence cancel the tickets and revoke the prose
You wait with breath baited and beam through the

The silence is broken and

weather has spoken. The truth is glued in and you walk faster but if it is known you cannot be seen. You sneak through the alleys and wake with the dawn. Opening eyes up you collect your tunes. Departing, departing you say you will not, but then with a flourish are taken away. Ever to destiny, ever unwind. You dream of it nightly and find a way through
They walk, they walk the sleep of the culture
Disaster impends and reads through the script
Escaping, you sleep in peace for a time
And then with the postfix and switchflip are found
The Aaron is taken the collection intent
And truth to be told you never felt finer
For this day the weather is true heaven sent


I invite people to look at the days of June 28 and june 26 on my blog which were mysteriously my best days for likes on this blog and comment or criticize as I have not yet understood why they did so well, although stuff has so far gotten in the way of my doing a full examination of the posts. The 25th and 29th did well too.

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