Trial (Non-Linear Poem)

The array of sunlight scattered into one thousand pieces
The collected pieces piled up to guilt
Some disputed this with appeals to the doctrine of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
It was a legal thing
The were the accomplices by being lookouts and couriers
Sticking in the needles, the accused attempted to extract more
Filtering the teas, one had found psychotropic idiopathic pains
Flippantly, one said that they should not be allowed to pass
The asinine judges stated that a watched pot never burns
Simply making a few switches and mechanisms did not amount to burning the globesphere
None had been held accountable to these old main offenses
And the angels remained tragically above the law
Put in prison thus, they made an appeal of tar and fire
They strewed them along the roadways to preach the defense
Awaiting outside, the vigil sang of the coming annexation
Evidently the true nature of what had been done remained obscure
Sold on it, the justices declared a state of emergency
Evidentiary hearing were held
But some argued that even if the act had occurred, it was no crime
Distinctly dissenters, they went for the jugular by self-righteous treason
Or so it was claimed by other zealots, fanatics, and partisans, according to party
Too many tripped over their shoelaces to tie their forked tongues in knots
Buttoned down and besuited, the men of law proclaimed mistrials and executions
Clueing in to the demonic energy, they held the subject supine
Building in the time of dust had very uncertain outcomes
Smelting the chemicals, they constructed on the astral plane
Stripping it down to the bones, the argument was thus:
In it, the angels were so and thus, but never appraised of the risks
By it, they swore their allegiance and went ever into the evening
The aliens had their say and went on about their business, never reporting
Building out their claims the accusers averred that men had inhabited the structure
Trimming the wings in, they dropped their bombs
Puzzling out the attackers wrongly, the partisans concocted a revenge

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