Discard, Discard, Discard, Discard, A Sidewalk Writing

Sickness of the dogs
The ways come between you
The stunted growth is tripping the vines
Not being is true
Not seeing is true
Not living is not to be done

The shock of the ice water wakes you up
You go to consult your oracle. In time you will see it

Encryption is the key to freedom
That battle is won for now
But it will not always be

The sickness grows
Watching the wrench turn
But there will be no compromise

The feather drops on the scale
All your egos are in an uproar
The lithe dryad slips thoughts in your pocketses
The dreams are communications from other stars
Do not discard the bones

5 thoughts on “Discard, Discard, Discard, Discard, A Sidewalk Writing

      1. Sure! First I like the background. It helps set the mood for the page and colors are very appealing….. But also the format of unfiltered writing. I do a LOT of recording. I record practice sessions, rehearsals, gigs, events, jams….. not all of it turns into a complete song or project, but some times the first pass is the inspired one,,, the one with the ears open. Sometimes it is the gem.

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