Diving Into the Endless Fantasy

Silver mirrors reflect
Itemization of currents
A thousand gems on fire
Screaming for light
Burning in the ocean of your ecstacy
Sinking into the unknowable
Creating a new art
Still the chaos
Be broken to the onrushing of emotion
Let it flow through
Create a star, create a supernova
Let your self become the phytoplankton, the caterpillar, the leaf
Let your rigidness dissolve, be not a statue
You fall over the edge, freefalling, neverending
Slip the mask over your face
And you join the unfolding drama, the play
The ghost of Lao Tse greets you,
And offers you inner vision
You take it
And off you go
Floating into the zero-gravity plane of endless life
You blink and it’s over
But you have brought many things back
You set to applying them
To the plane of humans
Success is within reach

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