Extreme Anger

Last one on this topic for now, promise
Somber yet sullen
The confused Christians or women or petulant little girls
Line up to condemn
But not for the witchcraft, oh no, certainly not
That would be intolerant
They instead allege that I have crossed a line
When I most certainly have not
And that line is, wait for it,
Asking for someone’s email address
What bullshit
These trivial little social fascists
Is it because of my psychosis last year?
Or because of the witchcraft?
Or merely because they think they’re
Too good to talk to me
Even casually?
I know I bitch and whine
But the sanction was extreme
Extreme anger is the appropriate reaction

2 thoughts on “Extreme Anger

  1. The key of seek is evol / naught to expression / nil to preparation / evol alone votes Earth / comes through gleaming out / of the gurry and guano of habit / that the best of one hasn’t a figure / no lean, no slant / peripatet & prestidige / fear not that all your learning / reverts to evol / votes alone / inviolable as love

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