How We Lose What We Have

Lovely thoughts on the destruction of romantic relationships.

Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)


It wasn’t about the unanswered calls or short messages. Or sudden business meetings to cancelled dinner dates. It wasn’t about how busy our lives now that we can’t even have a decent conversation without checking our phones for missed calls and emails. It wasn’t about these. It wasn’t about time or broken schedules.

It wasn’t about you shouting publicly to a waitress for bringing a latte when you specifically ordered an espresso. It wasn’t about how you’ve become snob and condescending to people we used to identify ourselves with. It wasn’t about you flirting to other girls because I find it harmless and almimageost comical. It wasn’t about them. It wasn’t about other people.

It wasn’t about how you hated mornings or that feeling of obligation to have breakfast with me. It wasn’t about why you no longer have breakfast with me. And I sit alone, cold and indifferent…

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