Shouting in the Wilderness

Shouting in the wilderness
All ignoring
This is the worst neighborhood in town
Spiritually dead
No one will stop for 15 seconds to read
To see what their neighbor may have to say
Start a trend?
Hah ha not likely
These sheeple
We drink in spirit here
But those around us are no allies
They want no color in their neighborhood
But I will persist
Despite their glaring indifference and ignorance

Gazing up at the stars
You break your stride
How can people be so incurious, you wonder?
Building on the series of tubes
Everyone is trapped in their own bubble world now
Some stick up for the right to expression
But do they ignore it when it’s in front of their eyes?
The noise of the machine screams and screams
It is going to be a long night
Who will come to our rescue if not us?
The cat hides in the bamboo grasses
Upset at being shut out while I go out
Who has threatened her?
The instincts are not well in tune
Ghostly shadows float along the path
The stars are old
We are young

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