Successful Anarchy (Non-Linear Poem)

The end of government nears inevitability
The artless hawker sells souls on a street corner
In your toil, you seek different assets
Blood oaths
To bind themselves to the sworn goal of realignment
An end to this debt penury and usurpation of sovereignty
Building out the vision, sharing around
Collecting your drops, you begin to arrange for councils
The eggs drop to the floor
Far more feared than communism is the specter of successful & prosperous anarchy
The betrayals of the legislature
The illegal street markets spring up
In the fields the laborers toil away, in the city the bakers bake
The children play in the fountains, the adults watch cats on YouTube
Food trucks ply the streets
In your dust you collect evidences of evil
Cash or notes, no credit
You gather allies on the sidelines
Battle is joined as the Europeans seek an end to statelessness paternalistically
One hopes the non-blind smart people will prevail
Elections may be held despite the salutary situation you find yourselves in
The mainstreamers and the right wing building their edifices of law
There is not enough evidence of their perfidy, hah ha, but
Who will make less of a mess of things?
Who is short a penny, not a pound?
When private entrepreneurs take over for aid agencies, we know
The national defense has been left to the wayside; it is too costly
The outbreak of war is inevitable now
The half track rocket launcher pulls up to the hilltop
People will once again take up arms
Allies will come out of the woodwork

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