The Other World is Here

Some theories click through the tombs
Voluntarily relinquishing their values of truth for a time
The faery tricksters become visible
For a bright, then dark, night of the soul
What is passed through is completed
Unfailingly passing all tests
And then on to the hospital
For you have been awake for four days and nights
The other messengers appear occasionally in calmer times
You can tell by the brightness of their colors
Or other harbingers of otherworldy appearance
Such as the anomaly of an 8 inch long
Blue black wasp in Alabama appearing before you
And then taking off
This is in a time of perfect sanity and health
Half the time or more they take on the guise of insects
Once large and psychedelically bright
A hornet and a butterfly, both larger than life
Like the imaginary people at the party once
Who prompted me to stave off the cops
Or the homeless faeries/angels, unemployed at the bus stop
In a part of town they’d never been
Something was very odd about them
If you ask me
The other world is here
Although its visible appearances are rare

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