Do Not Disappoint

Guessing games are good for girls
Do not disappoint
Can you keep up the charade of not being flat broke until the first paycheck?
Singling out yourself for better treatment
Maintain the facade of not being an addict
How long can you remain stable?
Bring all your pieces and pulses to the table
Girl is a strong motivating power
How easy dating can be when you are not afraid
Allow me to shepherd your heart into the pasture’s safe haven
Allow me to bring you out of reach of the ravening wolves
The brown bears are all of the same species
Somewhere in intelligence between a dog and an ape
Yellowstone had to issue a warning to people :
“Do not take selfies with the bears”
This is no joke, but it garners LOLs
But where were we?
Today to rid myself of empty cans and do dishes and laundry
Wednesday to meet with success in love
All is prepared, the way is clear
Do not disappoint

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