Spreading the eagle
Delivering on promises
Code code code
The parrots of San Francisco
The methane plumes of the Arctic Ocean
Are we doomed yet?
This has yet to be determined
But things may get ugly
Hydrogen sulfide
But when all the chips are counted
Will totalitarianism be on top?
Flinders arson boil and trouble
Sinking into the great warmth
Growing by leaps and bounds
And all the violence of the age piles up until there is nothing left
Drifting in the ocean and the woods
Cnidaria and phylloxera
Black holes and w bite dwarves
The organic compounds of interstellar space
Oliphaunts and heffalumps
When will all these things be known?
When will all our questions be answered?
Whence the faster than light travel?
Though many believe it impossible,
NASA is working on it
Killing fields of machine guns and VX
Guns or peace?
Science or dogma?
Who will triumph?
We place our faith in the great Flying Spaghetti Monster
Dealing out destruction to our enemies
Grudges are held
Calmness settles gradually
Deletion and distortion of the temporal vortex
American style free enterprise?
Deletion, distortion, elation, elution
Elopement, escarpment, your garments, and hornets
The world turns on the head of a pin
A bit of wobble, and it falls
Losing the arrows in the bush
Collapsing to the Neolithic due to skills loss
And in the end of the darkened alleyways
A cloud of hallucinogenic mist

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