The stupidity of the world
Bothers me
Particularly when I am hungover
And therefore cranky

Filled with hate and stomach aches
I look down on the moronic masses of Trump supporters
Holding my nose I vote for Hillary
Even though Bernie Sanders was my man
And in my secret heart I believe in anarchist revolution
A fervent belief in the right to abortion

The demons come raining down from the Republican skies

Rand Paul might be palatable
If not for his hypocritical opposition to abortion
And his affiliation with the party of death
And oligarchy

Whence the Jabberwock?
Who will save us from these vile fools?

No one.
This is absolutely not the best of all possible worlds.

We will be very lucky just to avoid extinction

Hopefully Trump will get the nomination
Guaranteeing Hillary a win
And then we can cripple along for a few more years
Before charging into apocalyptic wars and fascism

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