Soon comes the end
Democracy a dizzyingly brief experiment
The bastards always win
We are expert in the arts of Jeremiad
Whence the Demonoids?
Whence the Hatted Persons and Conspiritech?
Whence the Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due?
Whence your saviour, the fierce and bad tempered desert prophet?
Whence Gandalf?
Ever into the ever turning evening, we collect and destroy
Fire the nukes.
End this farce of civilization

When the Red Queen dies, you will know
But she is immortal and unassailable
Though I dislike the bitc
At least she isn’t stupid enough to burn down the Globesphere

Spherical helical flagellatum
Demon viruses created by the CIA or the KGB,  as the case may be
Always unto the death
And hence we go
To earn beer money and enough left for a coffee date
Not caring in the slightest if the fetid and aromatic people live

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