Just Undo Your Hex (Non-Linear Poem)

Correct me if I am wrong
But will you not hear me out?
Never to remember, never to forget
Cumming to reconcile your differences
Singling out the deceivers
Get me?
Just undo your hex
I believe in Karma, you bitch.
Disappear and dissolve
Until the time is set
Whence the Lords and Ladies?
Not to be taken lightly
End the fascists of all stripes
Strengthen your weather
Drop into the flow
Do not disappoint
Deep in the ocean
Delete, destroy, strip slashes
Filter your inputs
Discover another world
Dream of all things
Destruction is evident
Complete and collect
Lose all you have
The chemicals shall reign
I have never hexed anyone
Shooting all over the bed
The backstabbers will have their reward
Working towards the fountain of youth…
Do not disappoint.
Lurks a sleeping giant
The Brothers far better than radio
Forever Together!

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