Plastic Blocks

Bundling packets of powder
Up early and 32% in
The strangest dream
Everything disintegrates into plastic blocks, still having personalities
One president shot by his candidate-brother
A failed space shuttle launch
And we pick the next one before this even takes office
At the end all swearing allegiance to the tree of life
And kingship was not handed down by the gods
Ending your entreaties you make your own way
Humility a virtue?
Be proud of who you are
What is the next man proud of?
The clanking of the irons forever hurting your ears
Time to say enough, and spring free

2 thoughts on “Plastic Blocks

  1. All of my life in neither
    resentment nor recalibration,
    flightless and earthbound, or soaring–
    the strange enchaining of my molecules
    I dance to make for you, to make
    for me, my keep does not come easily
    in this salesmanship firmament
    where seeds are reverted, and fruit
    ever converted so that we all
    move toward a dual-beautiful, this
    constant cross-contextual. But
    we don’t take the continent with us
    as we go, so allow the lading and
    burdening, as rites of the flower–
    something hyper-life and super-rife,
    And endless across stretching plains
    as seen through eye-life windowpanes
    where we’re watching acts of kindness
    suture earth’s wounds
    In stitchings of love

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