only two agents
not accepting submissions
is poetry ‘literary’? or ‘non-fiction’?
obviously literary agents must hate poetry
there is a market here
there are millions of amateur poets on
why is there so little agency?
so little representation?
in the massive book
only two who specifically say
and not taking submissions
it is is difficult to find good poets who can make money
and rare to be able to recognize a good poet
perhaps the agencies
should give a shit
and every once in a blue moon
hire a poet – to recognize other poets
obviously the agents do not know their ass from a handbag
when it comes to poetry
or there would be more than 2 in a 1000
interested in contemporary poetry
where do the offerings come from?
must we all be confined to university presses?
what about those of us without solid university connections?
certainly no university affiliation
I desire that my work be judged on its merits
not on its comparison to 1000 other poets
for which i have to pay money to submit
of which, at most 100 are as good as I
if that
fuck the conformists
it is time for an explosion

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