Dawn Prayers

In the brief sideways dance of time
Look for the toes of the angelic outlaws
Grasping you with the forceps
The emergence is forced early
Angling down the off ramps of the stellar wind
Your constructs take a twist for the worse
In all the sideways slides, the trauma fades in
In all the recommendations, it requires
Deeming it untoward, the author of your lives’ arc hits you again
And again you go under
Again you fail to see
Again you fail to get at that which you desire
Each time you are under the impressions of your demonstrable obsessions
Each time your demons cackle
You are the butt
The rooster crows and you repeat this endless cycle unto your death
Dawn prayers for the faithful are called

One thought on “Dawn Prayers

  1. You make the grave, egregious, unpardonable error (unpardonable to, by and of yourself) of watching trends instead of following the obvious individual’s path. The way ahead is so plain anyone can see it. Good is infinitely superior to bad, or evil, in that the latter cannot exist without numbers. Thus there never can be an individuated path, hence no super-imagining. Good knows nothing of number. It is the natural course of human life.


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