Drifting demotic down the tubes of the gyre the release ever thus became and under the dripping of the faucet the insanity took hold
Mentioning no names but compiling lists of the nameless, the bureaucracy of the tubes became thus on a whim of trilling of the mockingbird, or over the sandwich made out death warrants
And all because the nameless became the enemies of the others; the time was ripe for the smashing of the glass, yet none dared to take it, though escape was assured
All became beings of stone, ever caring little for the plight of the lost, knowing nothing of their struggles, and ever devaluing, depersonalizing, and slandering ever thus the delights of the attempts to retake hold of the delight of the earlier times
But ever undone by angels the loss is one you cannot recover, at least according to one, once the island of human happiness is departed, never can you return…
The signing of the death warrants and wiretaps and unlawful confinements went on and on until the collision of the rock of the coliseum, the advertising money said enough, this must be taken underground or deleted and elided
The trumps of the deck became demons or angels or gnomes and fought ever against the betrayal of the biological to the digital, yet ever destroyed and collected, never to triumph, all being lost a given, unless thus it was never so
Too many times, so-and-so, or so-so as the case may be, but if not it was trauma, and if so it was lust, but otherwise none can say, nor can there be any knowledge thereof of the local accuser yet release and relief are all found in logic, by knowing the truth of oneself and ever truly being it, but checkmate in three played, and the roulette wheel spun, and we were trapped and lost by our own hypocrisies
Delight, delight was thus, delight found in others once, and ever to be again, but collisions were there and some paper trails were found, and we needed it to become a stand up occasion, of the black ties and the glitter, and the spitting on the waiters, deleting all the progress that had been made and then hiding in a cave
Too true it was for our senses and sensibilities but our life was not at stake, rather it was the manner of our deaths we wagered upon
Ever collecting afterwards, the winding ether, the n-dimensional cyclone became our reward
And it was ever thus and so
But not other
Though sometimes it may be or trypsin, or the release of the naiads, but whence come the great CONSTRUCTS all aflitter with dancing and gales and truth but demonized by the allegedly and falsely upright
Yet and but see disclaimer and do not dissemble but prate
Loss of all was not the loss of you
Check your license agreements and know your doom
If not it was otherwise, but becoming light became our passion and our impossibility, of the many delusions of the fringes
See disclaimer
Do not disappoint

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