Politics Drifting to the Fracturing of the Mind

Indicative of the silence of the times
The man at the door asking for my vote for governor
Almost the only thing I’d heard about it off the radio
Io io io
The method of restraining ideologies and becoming other than who you are
Io io io
The method of implanting preferences and seeing to the independent candidates
Io io io
The method of discovering what is done and what is not at stake
The artlessness of the appeals of the right represented as the heart of brilliance and love of freedom
Iision ision ision
The artlessness of the appeals of the mainstream ‘left’ and the continued hamstringing of the true freedom of anarchy
Ision ision ision
The clarity of the sight of the hopelessness of the situation pending the self destruction of yhe Republican party (or the self destruction of the nation?)
Ision ision ision
The clarity of sight of seeing the demonic chanting of the theocrats everywhere
Oh well oh well oh well
The situation of the channel wherein each is the other and none is the main concern and ever of the tunes of the release of modernity calling to you with its plaintive voice
And as you dissemble, disintegrate, and go mad, your thoughts sinking into insanity are thus
To wit:
—- the animals of the outlaws becoming and ever saying of the demons of the right the destruction of the faithless of the left canonization, but each and every which way ninety-nine red balloons the angels of the outlaws the restriction of the peace; coming to close and wicketizing the error count becoming saintly but untoward, uncanny, eerie, and horrific; the zombies and the terrors of the night upon us but each and every which way, the nuclear switches passing into the hands of the man of vanity, woe, oh of woe are we, and yet the division of the congregation of Washington allows nothing by the forty; each and every which time, by the laws and by the whales, each and every which time, by the destruction of the temerity, by the abandonment of the diplomacy, by the failure of the carpenter ants, by the superorganism by the ants of fire and by the killer bees after you at each and every moment; every which way it becomes, and by pointing to west, or east, or up, or to n-dimensional tidal pools, which way up becomes down and which way true becomes surreal, ever unto the turning tides of the evening we walk in, and coming to our chests say a prayer and submerge and each and every time breathing the water do not dissemble but collate, and going native becoming dolphins, ever restraining and taking turns at the sharks of the ocean; but each way drinking in; but each way becoming sober and insane; deluded of the cult of the ineffective, of the end of science, of the triumph of the tubes…
~ But becoming silent the mind exhausts itself for a moment and the body continues on automatic into the abyss
Demonoid said thus as the ranking of suburbia continued of the cracking open of the head:
—– of the annals of the breaking of minds, continue, but do not apologize, replant, but do not strewn. the works of the talents of the times are rife, though it looks dark, hope still persists, or perhaps I am lying to you, I leave it to you to decide. bouncing on the trampoline of freedom, the people misuse and destroy, but each one grows another, and the dance goes on into the future. our grandchildren will not forgive or forget; the night is upon us with equal force all around and we cannot explain our actions, but thus irrational and shortsighted, and thus dreaming together of a way forward, as our subconscious perceives all problems as attachable… and go on to your television, fools
~ And thus it was never so

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