The Flame of the Symbol

Of all the holy fucks that were to be had that day
None was of the equal of the holy holy fuck of the administrator
But untimed quiet struck like thunder over the campus
Not to be seen, or certain scared, they ambled along cataloguing the excesses of the derangement
None were missed, all were filed
Not too many times did they recategorize each one as the convolutions of the cortex was mapped
But the triumvirate commanded no action would be taken at this time,
ALERTED to the cause the students flocked to their phones
In the tremors of the times were each and every solution
The splatter of blood on the walls met with snorts of dismissal, each knowing it was but a cow’s
The splatter of the faerie dust all over campus grew gross with whisperings
Slithering through the bush, Aeonia was on the lookout for lit up eyes
To be troubled would be too much, but tensions were getting tight in the understory schema of the matrix of minds
The flame of the symbol glided gracefully into life
The Sentinels would guide the movement from here

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